#CMWorld Sydney Speaker Spotlight: Jonathan Crossfield

headshot hi-resAs the Content Marketing Institute prepares for Content Marketing World Sydney’s second year in Australia, we wanted to take some time to introduce our speakers to our attendees and our #CMWorld community. Learn more about them and join us at Content Marketing World Sydney in March!

Jonathan Crossfield, Columnist, Chief Content Officer, Content Marketing Strategist & Author

Jonathan’s CMWorld Sydney Session:

Hunting Hippos — Winning Approval from C-Level for Content Marketing

All of these inspiring sessions and workshops may have you excited about content marketing. But how do you sell your new ideas and strategies in to the boss back at the office? Stop looking at gold star content strategies, thinking “They’ll never let me do anything as cool as this.” You might be surprised what you can achieve if you approach your hippo in the right way.

CMI’s Q&A Session with Jonathan Crossfield:

Content Marketing World is right around the corner. What is one thing attendees will learn in your session?

My session is about putting all these wonderful ideas into practice and – more importantly – getting that important approval from the boss. You can’t become Coca-Cola or Jyske Bank overnight, so I’ll be looking at ways you can get started, no matter how small your budget or how complex your management structure.

Tell us about yourself: What is your favorite social media platform? Where do you go first to find the news (print, online, social)?

Twitter is my first love, really. MySpace was diverting. Facebook was more interesting. But it wasn’t until Twitter came along that something just clicked inside my brain. It’s where I keep up to date in real time and I find it easier to just dive in and out of. In a way, it’s replaced my RSS feeds and old habits as my network filters, comments on and delivers the best content to me. I’ve been spending more time on Facebook this last year, but I use all networks differently.

What change do you anticipate seeing in the content marketing landscape in Australia over the next couple of years?

There is definitely a shift happening in some of the board rooms over here. Now the race is on for various brands to get out in front and seize the advantage with content marketing. I’m hoping to see some particularly notable or innovative content marketing ideas and strategies this year, from the bigger end of town.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing content marketers in Australia?

Australian business is notably conservative when it comes to change. Australian consumers are early adopters of any new gadget, device or platform. But most businesses are more traditional and take longer to adapt to these new technologies. That can create some challenges for content marketers to be truly innovative in a risk-averse environment. However, I think competitive pressures, Google’s Hummingbird update, and a market already saturated with poor-to-average content will help many brands realise that the bigger risk is to stand still, or churn out the same bland content as everyone else.

What are some tips for Australian companies who are just starting out – or hesitant to try content marketing?

Start small. Create pilot programs or experiment with limited campaigns. Keep things simple. You don’t need to rule in every channel or pump out ten pieces of content every week. Even a single ebook per quarter or a single well thought out video could get the ball rolling. So don’t rush either. Creativity and quality takes TIME. But whatever you do, start!

Join us at Content Marketing World Sydney from 31 March – 2 April 2014. Registration is open, and the event is filling quickly! Register today!



  1. NenadSenic says:

    I like this: “Don’t rush.” I think it’s one of the most ignored tips. Companies take a lot of time to decide, but when they do they want it all like right now. Slow down. :)

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